Conquer Chronic Pain®

Conquer Chronic Pain® is a unique service offered by IPARCOA. At theIntegrative Pain & Age Rejuvenation Centers of America, we believe that patients are unique, as is their pain. It is impossible to address pain generally because individuals perceive and react to pain differently. Hence, we work on pain management tailor made to suit each patient’s needs.

Conquer Chronic Pain® includes:

  • Patient specific protocols for injections
  • Using medical yoga suitable to your body and its needs to help you mobilize your body
  • Using Ayurveda and alternative therapies to heal, rather than mask your pain
  • To work together with you to reduce your dependence on narcotics

This service will Recover, Rehabilitate, Regenerate and Rejuvenate clients (R4), offering steady solutions for chronic pain conditions.

Diagnostic Testing

Conquer Chronic Pain® Dr. K will evaluate the area of your body that is causing pain and then provide you with the best treatments available.

Fluoroscopy: Uses X-ray equipment and a fluorescent screen to view structures inside the body in real time. Moving images may be sent to a computer for recording or magnification of the area so your doctor can see more clearly what’s happening inside your body.

Ultrasound:This painless technique sends sound waves out from a wand rubbed over the skin. The waves bounce back and are transmitted onto a screen. Ultrasound is well known for its use in pregnancy to view a baby but is also helpful in analyzing muscles, tendons and a variety of structures inside the body.

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