Integrative Pain & Age Rejuvenation Centers Quad Cities T.I.P.S.®: Tandem Integrative Pain Solutions (Registered at US Patent and Trademark Office)

Integrative Pain & Age Rejuvenation Centers of America treats at the root of the pain.  Many physicians treat the symptoms with variety of medications that cause many side effects, Our proprietary T.I.P.S.® protocol developed by our lead physician, patients experience the benefit of Tandem Integrative Pain Solutions.  Simply put, we apply a variety of techniques in tandem— together and working for one purpose: to bring you the relief in SAFEST and most EFFECTIVE way, you may not find otherwise.

While the health care industry standard, including Research protocols and medical literature, is 50% pain relief for short period of time is considered a success, our mission is 70-80% consistent sustainable pain relief with ZERO side effects or complications, both short term and long term. We serve the Quad Cities areas of Illinois and Iowa.

How is T.I.P.S® different?

Our methods are unique as we blend Western medical approaches you may expect: nerve blocks, physical therapy, injections with Eastern medicine and therapies like medical yoga, acupuncture, and Ayurveda. The protocol is efficient in reducing dependence on oral medication in order to reduce side effects like grogginess and drowsiness and fall.

Our philosophy here atIPARCOA is to heal your pain rather than mask it with medication. We request our patients to prepare to use different approaches that are all designed to bring better, longer lasting pain relief without side-effects.

What techniques will be used to treat my pain?

While the exact techniques used to control your pain will vary depending on your condition, we have a few key approaches:

Acupuncture: Target pain at its source with ultrasound and X-ray guided nerve blocks that reach the nerve bundles. Using our precision technology, we can target nerves directly and deliver micro amounts of pain medication right at the site without numbness or side effects, offering clean relief from pain.

Medical yoga:Simple breathing techniques combined with stretches and movements that will aid your pain relief process.

IPARCOA will prescribe to you yoga exercises that you can do even while simply sitting in a chair. We will never ask you to bend and twist into difficult positions or attend a lengthy class. It’s easy, effective and empowering—take charge of your body without dependence on other providers.

Breathing techniques: Focused yoga-breathing techniques can help patients with chronic pain cope in a healthier way. With our team’s help, learn the right breathing techniques to aid your pain relief.

Chiropractic care: Our team wants to work with your chiropractor to help you get well and stay well. We will make recommendations about adjustments and share your progress with your primary chiropractor at your discretion.

PainGon®: IPARCOA also offers patients groundbreaking pain relief with  PainGon® cream, a topical pain relief cream. Designed to be used BEFORE you have pain, this cream targets musculoskeletal pain, strains, arthritis and more. We recommend that it be applied on schedule, much like you would take a pill. When used as directed, the natural ingredients work deep below the skin, targeting irritated nerves. The full benefit of PainGon® can be felt within 4-6 weeks, with reduced pain and no side effects.
Finding relief for your pain is our focus here at IPARCOA and we want to provide our patients with the tools, techniques and most advanced medical approaches possible. Get started today by calling our main location in Rock Island, Illinois at (309) 762-7246 or use our request an appointment form and our staff will contact you to confirm the day and time.